leaf covered with raindrops
Fallen leaf after an autumn storm
Sacramento, California


Sad fall
From green glory
But you are
Not gone
Deep in winter
I hear
Of your summer song
In your words
On decaying leaves
I glimpse
Every season
Every second
Of my
Dwindling time
You are
With me.

Barber No More

Delux Barber Shop
Delux Barber Shop
October 2015
Sacramento, California


Delux Barber Shop Sign
Delux Barber Shop Sign
October 2015
Sacramento, California


Whenever I see closed down shops like this, I find myself thinking about how the shops must have looked when they first opened. I imagine the excitement of the business owner during the grand opening and the hopes and dreams that he or she had in the beginning. I think about the regular customers coming in and out of the shop, sharing their hopes and dreams and maybe their sorrows with the owner and the other regular customers. Then I think about the years passing by and the hard times that might have led to the closure of the shop. Most of the time I feel sad seeing something abandoned, but sometimes it is not bad for something to come to an end. Who misses a lousy job or a miserable relationship? I like to be optimistic and think that the owner moved on to something better.


levitating fakir
Fakir levitate.JPG
By ProfessorX (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Fakir, levitating
19 August 2012
floating man illusionist
Illusionist Trier.jpg
By Krd (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
5 August 2013
Street performers levitating in Prague.
Czech-2013-Prague-Street performers (crop).jpg
Andrew Shiva [CC BY-SA 3.0 or Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons
Street performers levitating in Prague.
25 July 2013

They mystify
Seeming to defy
Earth’s pull
For hours on end
They live to
For coins
From passersby
Who suspect
It might be
A trick
But don’t have
Time to figure out
How they rise above
Concrete and brick.

Yes, it is an illusion! Seats and metal shafts hidden under baggy clothes and supporting plates hidden under carpets! The best explanation of this illusion I have read so far is from an online article called “How Do Levitating Street Performers Work?” from relativelyinteresting.com.

Vampire Penguin

photo of a food place named Vampire Penguin


I have not forgotten about my blog! : )  I am just behind schedule because I am in the middle of a freelance project. While I try to catch up with people, I hope you enjoy this photo that I took a few days ago. It is a restaurant located in downtown Sacramento.


stairs covered in ivy
Photo Credit: Stairs by George Hodan


Footsteps echo
My heart lifts
As I ascend
Forgotten stairs
What you meant
And mean to me
I had to come back
There’s still time
To save us
To remove the dust
From long shelved dreams
And start again.

Through the Dark Woods

I post this picture because it is a metaphor for my misfortune. I feel like I have been walking in a dark wood trying to find my way out of an unhappy situation.


My dear readers and followers,

I am sorry that I have been absent from my blog for the past few weeks. My blog does not have a huge following, but the people who follow my blog are loyal visitors who come by to see my posts week after week. Some of you have even become my friends, and I value your friendship very much. That is why I feel I need to give you some explanation about why I have not been blogging lately.

Conditions at my current job have been deteriorating for the past few months. First my project manager disappeared. He took some kind of computer coding boot camp course, and then he never returned. Then one computer in our office disappeared, and then a second one was taken away after that. Eventually the office phone vanished too.

My graphic design work assignments soon disappeared after my project manager did. After a few weeks with literally nothing to do, I started looking for another job. It has not been easy trying to find another job, and I did not want to quit until I found one. The weeks stretched into months. The only promising job lead I had after sending out countless resumes and applications resulted in an odd job interview at a marketing firm. It was close to Halloween, and most of the people in that office were wearing Halloween costumes. I was interviewed by someone wearing footed pajamas and a pacifier hanging around her neck as well as another person wearing a karate outfit. They seemed interested in my graphic design work, but I did not get a call back. I guess I was not weird enough to fit in. This month I was finally able to land a freelance writing job, but it required me to do a trial assignment and then work on two writing projects with tight deadlines while I was still working at my graphic design job. It is more of a side gig than a full-fledged job, but so far it has been going well.

I am thankful to have this side gig after what happened today at work. Today the FBI raided all of the offices of the nonprofit organization that I work for. I was detained along with the rest of my co-workers in an assembly hall. The FBI agents did not say much about why they were there. The only explanation that I could gather from my co-workers and the FBI agents is that it involved the immigration and adult adoption services provided by my employer. Some of my co-workers and I were released after about an hour or so because we did not work in the immigration and adult adoption services department and had no knowledge of what was going on there, although the FBI agents required us to leave contact information with them in case they want to question us later on. While we were detained, I told my supervisor that I quit.

I need a little recovery time, but I hope to catch up with people and post some new material on my blog soon. Until then, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!