Welcome to My Blog

LED Open Sign by Petr Kratochvil



My name is Arlene. I am a Graphic Communication (GCOM) student at Sacramento City College. Creating this blog is an assignment for one of my GCOM classes. However, I hope to do more with this blog after I finish this class. I am thinking about using this creative space as a place to showcase my design work. This WordPress site is free and seems like something I can manage to maintain. I also think it is a good transitional step to more advanced web design work.

Another benefit of setting up this blog is that it will help me demonstrate my skill at using WordPress. When I look at job postings, I notice that some employers are seeking applicants who are familiar with using WordPress. I am glad that I will now be able to provide a prospective employer with a link to a WordPress site if I need to.

I plan to make more changes to this blog in the immediate future. I hope to improve the appearance of this site as I learn more about and experiment with the different features available in WordPress.