A Starting Point for Creating an Online Portfolio

Internet Browsing by Petr Kratochvil

As I get closer to finishing my graphic design coursework at Sacramento City College, I have become more interested in putting together an online portfolio of my work. I have learned from teachers, other students, and job postings that an online portfolio is vital to your graphic design career. Employers want an online link to your work, and some of them won’t even consider your application without one.

I have put off creating an online portfolio mainly because I did not know how. My specialty is print design, not web design. I thought I would have to be a web developer in order to create my own website. I am so glad to find out that this is not the case.

Although WordPress is well-known for its blogging sites, it works well for online portfolios too. WordPress offers a number of portfolio themes. While some of the premium ones cost money, others are free. Dustin Betonio provides a helpful overview of these themes in his recent Tripwire Magazine article called “60+ Excellent WordPress Portfolio Themes.” In addition to the themes, Betonio provides some links about building an online portfolio and some additional WordPress resources.

Can you guess what I will be doing this summer?