Spring Break

A Picture Summary of My Spring Break So Far


Not this . . .                                  But this

I am supposed to be on vacation now, but my mind is still at work trying to figure out what to do for my GCOM 360 final project. For this assignment, I am supposed to design my own custom website or mobile app user interface. I can create any type of website I would like to.

This is a brainstorming list of things going through my head as I try to narrow down a theme and purpose for my custom website.

1. While I should think about what I would like to do, I also have to think about what I can actually do. I do not know very much HTML code at this point, and I am not sure how much I will be able to teach myself in the next few weeks. I have to plan on a home page and at least two subpages with limited functionality at best. What kind of website would look best under these circumstances?

2. I would like to try out a few specific techniques for button development and text effects. What theme would allow me to do this?

3. I think I am leaning toward a website designed for someone else than one designed for myself. I am more comfortable designing projects for other people even if they are not real clients. I am not sure if the five weeks left in this semester is enough time for a personal website. I do not want to rush doing something important to me like a personal portfolio website.

4. I would like to choose a theme that’s fun! While I liked redesigning the Sacramento Public Library website, I felt I had to be conservative and restrained in my design approach so that I would not scare off or confuse the library users. I know I still have to consider my audience for this design project, but I think I have a little freedom to work with a theme that is a little unconventional or unusual. I want to enjoy this freedom.

Well, my brainstorm is over for now. The dark clouds of uncertainty have parted but only slightly. I will keep you posted about what I end up doing.

Picture Credits:
Word Holiday In Sand by Petr Kratochvil

Help by Kosta Kostov