Placing Images Side by Side in WordPress

In the short time since I started blogging, I have encountered several moments when I wanted to place images side by side but was not able to. It would seem like a simple enough task, but WordPress tends to push the second image down to its own space.

Based on the articles I have looked at on this issue, I discovered that the secret to placing images side by side in WordPress is a combination of alignment and image size. The images need to have either left or right alignment and must be small enough in size so that they fit on the same line. For easy-to-follow instructions, I recommend reading “Images >> Image Alignment” in the Support section of WordPress. It helped me to place the following two pictures of my graphic design work together on the same line. The first image has left alignment, and the second one has right alignment. If you know HTML coding, you can make more specific changes to the alignment and spacing in the text editor.



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