The Quest for Category Pages

When I was doing research to find out how to restore the deleted home tab on my online portfolio blog, I came across another interesting project that I was eager to try: creating the illusion of adding posts to a static secondary page using categories. Unlike a typical page, a “category page” has dated posts like the home page except that it is not the home page. I thought category pages might be a good way to organize the different types of graphic design work I do. Here is an example of one:

Category pages require creating a custom menu for each category page. I became familiar with creating a custom menu after creating one to restore my home tab, so I thought I would give it a try. I went to the dashboard and selected Appearance –> Menus to reach the Menus page. On this page, I discovered the bad news: the theme of my online portfolio blog supports only one custom menu. Next, I checked the theme of this blog and found out that this one does not support any custom menus.  I read that I could possibly get around this limitation by changing the php code of my theme, but that is something I do not know how to do. The only other solution I could find is to change the themes of my blogs to ones that support multiple custom menus.

Although I was not able to add category pages to my existing blogs, one thing that I was able to do successfully is find WordPress themes that support custom menus. If you go to the WordPress Themes page, click the “Find a Theme” button to open the search dialog box. Choose “Features” under the Filters menu and then check the “Custom menu” option. The themes with custom menus appear below.

I now know how to find WordPress themes that support multiple custom menus. I just have to decide if having category pages is worth the effort of changing the themes that I am using now.


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