Surprised by Tabs, Pages, and Themes

I have been blogging for less than a year, so WordPress is still full of surprises for me. Just when I think I am comfortable with the basics, unexpected twists in my content management routine appear.

On Wednesday, I reorganized my online portfolio blog to make room for some new work I am doing as a volunteer graphic designer for a nonprofit organization called P.O.W.E.R.S. INC. I decided to delete one page and add in another. In the process of doing this, I discovered something that I did not notice before: deleting a page does not automatically delete its tab, and adding in a new page does not automatically add a new tab.

I added a test page to my blog. As you can see, it has no corresponding tab.


I had to go into the Appearance section of the dashboard and add a tab to my custom menu:


I then deleted the test page. The page disappeared, but the tab did not. It took another step to delete the tab in my custom menu.


For a moment I thought I had arrived at some new universal lesson about tabs and pages in WordPress. Then I suddenly thought about trying to add and delete a test page on this blog. To my surprise, the page appeared with a corresponding tab at the same time:


When I deleted the test page, the tab was also automatically deleted. My blog returned to its original appearance before I added the test page.

Based on my brief experience with WordPress, the only way I can account for this difference in the way the tabs and pages can be added and deleted is the difference in WordPress themes. I chose the Nishita theme for my online portfolio blog, while I chose Pilcrow for this one. Reminiscent of the discovery I made from my “Quest for Category Pages”, I have learned once again that all WordPress themes are not equal. Some have more features than others, and this week I have learned that some require more work than others. This is another reason why I need to overcome my reluctance to try other WordPress themes.


4 thoughts on “Surprised by Tabs, Pages, and Themes

  1. I’m new to blogging on wordpress and I learn something new everyday too! 🙂

    I guess all themes that have a custom menu have a feature called “automatically add new top-level pages” under Appearance>Menus in Dashboard. If you turn that on, any new page that you create automatically gets added to your menu.


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