Mystery of the Missing Posts

If you have visited my blog recently, you might notice a few posts are missing. I took them down after I read an article called “Blogger Beware: You CAN Get Sued for Using Photos You Don’t Own on Your Blog.” The author of this article, Roni Loren, was sued by a photographer after she took one of his photos from Google and posted it on her website. From this experience, she learned that providing a link to the source of the photo, giving credit to the photographer, and taking other measures bloggers generally use in connection with posting other people’s photos online are not enough to protect bloggers from liability. She warns that if you don’t want to be sued for copyright infringement, you should get permission from the photographer directly, or you can use your own photos, Creative Commons licensed pictures, and public domain photos.

I thought giving attribution to the source of the photos I posted online was enough, but now I know that it is not. I am not taking any chances, so the posts featuring other people’s photos are now down. Here are the links used in the missing posts (at least these are okay to share):

Smithsonian Magazine 2012 Photo Contest:

Read more:
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Smithsonian Magazine 2013 Photo and Video Contests:

Weston Sand Sculpture Festival 2013

Spawning Underwater Fish Tornados

Hilarious Men’s Fashions

“I’ve Seen the Future of Men’s Fashion and I’m Afraid”

Beautiful Holiday Light Displays

America’s best places for holiday lights

From the beautiful to the barmy: Christmas lights around the world

Weird Road Signs

“Weird road signs contest: Which one is wackiest?”

I will have to rethink how I will do posts on photography in the future. I do not really want to go through all of the trouble of tracking down photographers in the hope that they will allow me to use their pictures on my humble blog. Some of them may also charge a fee for this permission as well.




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