How to Change Widget Visibility on Your WordPress Blog


I did not pay much attention to widgets until I noticed new widgets appearing on other people’s blogs. After looking at the widgets in my own blog, I came across a button I did not notice before: the visibility button. I had no idea what this button did, so I did some research and came across a helpful WordPress support page aptly called “Widgets”.

Each active widget has a visibility button. When you press this button, a visibility panel appears. The panel contains what the “Widgets” support page calls rules. These rules are located in drop-down lists in the panel, and they give you control over hiding or showing a widget. For example, here are the rules for hiding a widget on a particular page:


The visibility button and visibility panel are handy tools because they give you some flexibility about the appearance of your blog. It is possible to have one particular widget on one page but not on another. For instance, if you want the milestone widget to appear only on your home page, you can show it on that page and hide it on the others.

However, using these tools does have some drawbacks. One of them is that some of the rules you create in the visibility panel may not work. For example, when I created the rule “Hide if Date is All Monthly Archives” for the archives widget on my blog, the archives still appeared on all of my blog pages.

Another drawback is that there does not seem to be a way to hide or show groups of widgets at one time. If you decide to hide all of the widgets on one page as I did on my “WR Project” page, you have to make changes to the visibility of each widget one at a time. This can be pretty time-consuming if you have activated many widgets on your blog.


Finally, another important aspect of changing the visibility of the widgets on your blog is to make sure you save your changes. This may seem like an obvious step, but it is an easy one to skip over when you change the visibility of multiple widgets at one time.


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