Sand Sculptures Revisited

I cannot believe that it is already mid-August, and summer is drawing to an end. To celebrate what is left of summer, I thought I would write a post about a seasonal topic – sand sculptures.

I wrote a post about sand sculptures before, but I decided to take it down because I did not get permission to use the copyrighted photos I included in the post. The good news is that I found some public domain pictures of sand sculptures that I can share with you this week. All of the sand sculptures in this post have an underwater theme.

Female Diver Sand Sculpture

Diver with Camera Underwater Scene

My favorite part of this scene is the top part consisting of several jellyfish. Here is a close-up of the top:

Squid Sand Sculpture 


Dolphin Sand Sculpture


Marlin Sand Sculpture

Manta Rays Sand Sculpture

As I said in my previous sand sculpture post, I am impressed by the skill it takes to create these beautiful sculptures, but at the same time I am sad about their brief existence because they remind me about the temporary nature of my own existence. I spend so much time and effort creating art and trying to build a good life for myself, yet in the back of my mind I know none of my accomplishments will last. Like these sand sculptures, they will disappear into the past just as I eventually will in the end.


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