Taking Time Off to Suffer: My Blogging “Vacation”

If you follow my blog, you know that I took some time off from blogging to finish up an online web design class and do some other things. I would like to say that I enjoyed my blogging “vacation,” but I did not. It has really been a struggle finishing up this class. Toward the end, my teacher had some medical problems and sometimes could not post the class assignments on time. Then my dad got food poisoning while I was in the middle of working on my final project. I had to give him some extra help and attention because he was too sick to move around. Strangely enough, one of the few things that did not make him throw up was Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), and I have been to KFC three times already since last Saturday.

Fortunately, my dad felt better after a few days, and I was able to concentrate on the remaining assignments of my class. After getting done with my final project and a peer review of another student’s website, all I had left to complete was the final quiz. Last night, I decided to stay up late to take it because there are fewer interruptions at night, and I was eager to get it done so that I could get on with the rest of my life. After spending the whole day reviewing and taking some time to double-check my answers, I hit the submit button only to receive no score for my work! The online grading system is supposed to automatically calculate the score of online quizzes, but it did not do that for me. All I saw was a dash where a number was supposed to be.

I spent about an hour or so trying to figure out what happened. I went to the help menu for some assistance and found out that a dash is given when you do not submit the quiz before the time limit. I got worried. I remember finishing the quiz about 20 minutes before the time limit, and yet I had no score. I checked the summary of my quiz results, and it verified that I completed the quiz with 21 minutes to spare. I am hoping my quiz responses and score will be found. I emailed my teacher about it this morning, and I am still waiting for her response . . .

Looking back, I am glad I took some time off from blogging to deal with all of the mishaps that have happened to me in the past few weeks, but now I am eager to start blogging again. I hope to start doing photo posts again once I am really sure I am done with my class. In the meantime, I thought you might get a laugh from this junk mail from a local memorial lawn that I received close to the beginning of my blogging “vacation.” I guess I should have seen this as my harbinger of doom.



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