My Trip to San Francisco

I made an unexpected trip to San Francisco a little over a week ago. It was not a sightseeing trip, and I did not have a lot of time to walk around the city and take pictures. In addition, my brother brought three of his four young children on the trip, which surprised me because we were not going anywhere that would be fun for kids.

I was squashed in between my two nieces and their car seats in the back of a minivan, so I decided to wait to take pictures until we arrived in San Francisco. Not wanting to be distracted by my nieces and nephew, I took a few “stealth snapshots” at moments when they were occupied with other activities.

Mystic Hotel, San Francisco
Mystic Hotel, San Francisco
"Skyline" view of buildings with interesting patterns, San Francisco
“Skyline” view of buildings with interesting patterns, San Francisco

I visited the San Francisco Zoo a long time ago on a school field trip, but I do not think I went this far into the city before. The streets were busy and crowded. There were so many people walking around! Most of them were probably tourists. I was surprised that some streets had one red lane reserved only for buses and taxi cabs. Drivers had to maneuver around not only the buses, taxis, and pedestrians but also parked cars and construction barriers. I am glad I was not the one who drove on this trip. I do not want to go into detail about trying to find parking and how expensive it was . . .

Vintage streetlight and pedestrians on Stockton Street in San Francisco
Vintage streetlight and pedestrians on Stockton Street in San Francisco

My sister-in-law told me that my nieces and nephew were excited about going to San Francisco. They woke up right away even though it was 4:00 am in the morning. However, after a long two-hour drive and then a long wait in waiting areas and then in the minivan again for another two hours or so, their excitement quickly dissipated. I could see looks of boredom on their faces. They perked up a bit after we finally left San Francisco because we were going to go across the Golden Gate Bridge on the way home. My oldest niece was especially eager to see the Golden Gate Bridge, but by the time we got there she and my other niece were fast asleep! Nearly everyone in the minivan called out to my oldest niece to wake up. I even shook her slightly and called her name, but she still would not wake up! We kept calling and calling her but to no avail. Needless to say, she missed seeing the Golden Gate Bridge, waking up just a few moments after we went across it.

a hazy view of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
My view of the Golden Gate Bridge through haze and a fingerprint-smudged minivan window

The rest of the trip was a slow crawl home. At one point in our journey back to Sacramento, it took about an hour to travel 10 miles! My oldest niece slept during most of the trip home. Sometimes in her slumber she would lean forward despite the restraints of her car seat, and my shoulder ended up being her pillow. My other niece and nephew were getting restless, especially after the batteries on their tablets ran low and they could not play any games. At one point, my other niece entertained herself by wearing her hoodie backwards so that the hood covered her face instead of the back of her head. She then started banging on her head as if it were a drum and started singing. Another variation of her “hood dance” was wearing her hoodie backwards with her arms only partially inside the sleeves so that she could wave the sleeves from side to side. My other niece is funny, and her “hood dance” made me laugh. However, she can also be annoying too, so I was glad when this nightmarish commute was over.


8 thoughts on “My Trip to San Francisco

    1. Thank you. I am glad you liked it. 🙂 This shot was the first one I took when I arrived in San Francisco, and it is my favorite photo in this post.

      It was good to hear from you again. Thanks for stopping by. And congratulations for making it through 6 years of blogging! 🙂


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