My Mother’s Photography

My mother died in early January ten years ago, and, of course, I think about her at this time of the year. I was looking for one of her photos to use in a future post, and then I decided it would be a nice tribute to her if I did a post featuring her photography. My mother took a correspondence photography course when my two older brothers and I were still children. She tried her hand at photographing landscapes and objects, but most of her photos (at least the ones I found) were portraits of me. Being the only girl in the family, I guess it was inevitable that I would become the main model for my mom’s portraits. I look back at the pictures she took of me with laughter because of some of the clothes I wore and some of the silly poses I had in some of these photos. I found two of them that I do not mind sharing with you and the rest of the world along with a couple of other photos in the small gallery below.


I had to crop and retouch all of these photos mainly because they were somewhat blurry and damaged. I still see some things that could be fixed. These photos aged badly in the old photo albums that they were stored in. Now I realize that I am going to have to archive these old photos in a digital format before they become more discolored and scratched in the years to come.


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