Glory of the Grass

photo of wild grass in Sacramento, California


2 thoughts on “Glory of the Grass

  1. How on earth did you manage to make grass look interesting? I stomp all over it, and yet this photo is enough to make me think “Hmm. Beautiful.”

    Okay smarty pants…I challenge you to photograph DRYER LINT and make me think the same thing! *folds arms*


    1. There are many talented nature and landscape photographers in the WordPress community, and looking at their work helps me recognize good photographic subjects in my own environment, including the grass in this picture. When I take pictures, I also look for good lighting in the background because my camera does not work well in low-light surroundings.

      I appreciate your interest in my work. Thank you for thinking so highly of my photography skills, but I will leave the dryer lint challenge to the professional photographers. 🙂


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