Fairy Exit

arch made of wild vines

The world
Sings of spring
Cool leaves
In the warm sun
Dance all around me
Yet all I care for
Is this
Strange and secret
Wild door.

What lies beyond
Your viny arch
A golden pond
Or exotic fronds
Or simply more
Spring trees in March?

As I draw near
I suddenly hear
Fluttering wings
Behind the door
Are they birds
Or something more?

I rush to see
But all I saw
Was not a door
But an ancient wall
And the cool leaves
Still dance in the sun
As I ponder
What was there
But is no more.


2 thoughts on “Fairy Exit

    1. You are welcome. 🙂 I am glad that you enjoyed both the poem and the photo. Thank you for liking this post and for following my blog, and I also appreciate your wonderful and thoughtful comments. 🙂


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