Flowers at the Farmers Market, 2010

flowers at a local farmer's market, Sacramento, California

I was going to post a photo of a snail to let you know that I am behind schedule on blogging this week, but my snail photo was not very good. I hope you enjoy this substitute photo. I went to a local farmers market for a project for one of my graphic design classes. This was not part of the assignment, but I thought the flowers were so pretty that I could not resist taking a picture of them. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Flowers at the Farmers Market, 2010

    1. Thank you, Ralph. 🙂 Flowers have a way of brightening one’s day, don’t they? Maybe it is because they are a pleasant reminder of the beauty of life. I am glad that you liked them and my new WP theme. This theme does display photos well. I appreciate your feedback, and I hope you have a wonderful week. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 I am glad that you enjoyed my photo. I don’t get tired of seeing beautiful flowers myself. 🙂

      It is good to hear from you again. 🙂 I have been following your blog and know you have been busy. Thanks for taking the time to like this post and to leave a nice comment. 🙂

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