Vampire Penguin

photo of a food place named Vampire Penguin


I have not forgotten about my blog! : )  I am just behind schedule because I am in the middle of a freelance project. While I try to catch up with people, I hope you enjoy this photo that I took a few days ago. It is a restaurant located in downtown Sacramento.


16 thoughts on “Vampire Penguin

  1. What a wacky sign ! I hope that you didn’t go in Arlene as you’ll probably be sleeping in the dark all day and a little batty ….. no, penguin all night. 😉 ❤


    1. Yes, I know! I was surprised by the name too. 🙂 No, I did not go inside. I was about to go home, and there were people inside looking at me while I was taking the picture. I did not want to make them feel any more uncomfortable than they already were seeing me outside with my camera. I did some research online about this place, and this place is one of several shops in a local chain that sells fancy shaved ice desserts. Two brothers started this chain here in Sacramento, and they also have two shops in the Bay Area. However, I could not find out why they named this place Vampire Penguin. They did open their first location on Halloween in 2013. Perhaps they thought it would be a good marketing gimmick to have a Halloween-themed name.

      Thanks for dropping by and taking time to like my post and leave a funny comment, Ralph. I hope you have a great weekend. 🙂

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        1. You are welcome, Ralph. 🙂 Yes, I agree. The name is still weird. I am glad that you are having a good weekend. Yes, my weekend was nice and quiet just the way I like it. It has started raining here again, so I have been indoors most of the time. Take care, my friend. 🙂

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          1. Hi Arlene 😀
            Sorry that you are stuck indoors. I will be tomorrow as heavy rain is forecast, but this morning was great, even had a sunbathe on the rear balcony this morning. In a way I am glad that I’ll be in tomorrow as I am knee deep in comments to answer and visiting other blogs due to my latest post.
            Happy Tuesday my friend ! 😀

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          2. Thanks, Ralph. 🙂 The weather here is the reverse of yours. There was heavy rain and wind this morning, but tomorrow it is supposed to be a dry day. Yes, I have to attend to my blogs too. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week. 🙂

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          3. Thanks, Ralph. 😀 I also enjoy your comments very much. I was actually just thinking how many comments in general you receive on your posts. You do have a lot of comments to respond to. I can understand why you need to take a break from blogging once in awhile. I hope you have a great day too, Ralph. 🙂

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          4. Thank you Arlene. I’ve managed to catch up. It only took me three days ! Mind you I don’t go on my laptop that much every day. Just sessions of about an hour or so a time.
            I hope you are being kept busy with the freelance work and have orders flooding in.
            Take care my friend 😀 ❤

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          5. Yes, my freelance work is keeping me busy. I am about two-thirds of the way through one project and starting another one. While I hope more jobs continue to come in, I have to pace myself too. Taking care of my dad and my pets and maintaining the house are time-consuming tasks. Take care of yourself too, Ralph. 🙂

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          6. That is good news that you are busy Arlene. I do hope that you have a peaceful place to work without too many home distractions. And how is your dad ? I expect he likes you being home all day.
            Ralph x


          7. Thanks, Ralph. 🙂 Yes, I do have a peaceful place to work. My main distraction is my dog coming up to me every few hours looking for attention and playtime. 😀 Sometimes she drives me crazy when I have a tight deadline, but I try to see things from her perspective. She has not been able to stay outside much because of the cold and rainy weather, so she probably gets bored being inside without much to do.

            Sadly, my dad is not doing very well these days. Last week he caught a cold, and it took him a few days to recover. His blood sugar levels are still way too high, and they are causing his kidney problems and his diabetic neuropathy to get worse. It is hard for him to change his diet. He also has trouble taking his insulin and other medications on time because he sleeps during the day and stays up most of the night. I have to help him more.

            Yes, I think my dad is happier that I am home most of the time now, and so am I. When I was working at my last job, I worried about something happening to him while I was out. Now I can keep an eye on him and help him more. I do like working from home, but it does not pay as much as working at a regular job. Perhaps that will change later on as I gain more experience.

            I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, Ralph. Take care. 🙂

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          8. I’m pleased that you have a peaceful spot to work Arlene. Poor dog ! I hope the weather improves now and again so that he can go out.
            Sorry to read about your dad. You are a very caring daughter, aren’t you ? I hope you get plenty of “me” time anyway.
            I do hope that you get plenty of good paying work. Maybe you should pinch some clients from your last job ? Karma !
            Happy Sunday dear friend ! 😀 ❤


          9. Thank you for your concern, Ralph. 🙂 Yes, I pity my dog too when she is stuck inside because of the weather. There will actually be a few warm and dry days this week, so that should cheer her up. 🙂

            Yes, I am sad that my dad’s health problems are getting a little worse. I feel sorry for him because he really does not have anyone else in the family to look after him. When my mom was dying in the hospital, I told her that I would take care of him so she would not worry about him. I am hoping to avoid putting him in a nursing home.

            I do find some time for myself, but it is not a lot of time. However, it does help that I am working from home now. I gained some time not having to commute to work and to iron clothes for work. 🙂

            I also hope that I will eventually find better paying jobs down the road. At my last job, we were supposed to set up websites for members who were small business owners, but that did not really materialize. There was only one real client that my former project manager and I did some work for and that person did not seem very interested in the work we did for him. There were supposedly other clients, but I did not work with them. I think this was just a sham to hide the fraud going behind the scenes. 😦 I recently checked on the latest news about my former workplace. According to an online news site called the Nuku’alofa Times, my ex-boss is suing the U.S. government, the FBI, and the U.S. Immigration Department for $4.5 billion! Here is a link to the story: The drama goes on . . .

            I hope you had a wonderful Sunday, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, Ralph. 🙂


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