Happy First Day of Summer

A summer sky in Sacramento, California (2016).


One quiet cosmic shift
And a new season arrives
Hot sun and azure sky
Trees and flowers
Green and alive
What joy
This beautiful revival
Of nature brings
To those
Who never tire
Of the song
Of birds
And the gentle flutter
Of butterfly wings.




I still have some time-consuming personal problems to deal with at the moment, so I am not sure when I will be able to post new material on this blog and visit other people’s blogs the way I used to. However, I do want to thank people who have taken the time to visit my blog, like my posts, and even follow my blog despite my long absence. I appreciate your support. Thanks again, and I hope you have a wonderful summer!


6 thoughts on “Happy First Day of Summer

    1. Thank you, Ralph. 🙂 I like summer, and I did not want to miss celebrating the arrival of summer with a new post. 🙂

      I am sorry that I have not been able to email you yet. The problems keep on coming in my life, and fixing them has turned out to be a frustratingly slow process.

      I hope you are doing well, Ralph. Take care. 🙂

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      1. Hi Arlene 🙂
        So sorry that I have been so long in replying. My world has just been turned upside down in a good way. Amazingly I now have a new girlfriend. Yay ! Tonight I just had to get to answering you.
        Same here. Summer is great isn’t it ? Really, really hot days here at the moment though.
        Oh no ! You deserve a break my friend. I hope these problems are soon solved.
        Thank you and do take care Yuorself Arlene. Ralph ❤

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        1. Hi Ralph,

          I am happy for you. I hope you and your new girlfriend will be happy together for a long time. 🙂

          Yes, the days are hot here in Sacramento too. We had a heat wave with about a week of daytime temperatures over 100 degrees F.
          While I like the hot days of summer, I am glad the weather is a little cooler now.

          Things have eased up a bit, but my ordeal is not over. I fix one problem and then another one takes its place. I hope this annoying cycle will stop soon.

          Thanks for your concern, Ralph. You take care of yourself too. And congratulations! I know you have waited a long time to find somebody to love. 🙂

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          1. Hello Arlene 🙂
            Thank you so much for your congratulations. I really do appreciate it as it is coming from you. Yes, I have waited a long time for someone to love. In fact I had given up months ago and she just popped up out of her blog and here we are.
            Boy, that’s hot ! The sun is constantly beating down here, but luckily there is a very strong cooling breeze which has been dropping the temperature dramatically.
            Oh dear, I really do wish that all your problems would go away and that you can start to enjoy life again Arlene.
            Take care. Ralph xx

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          2. Hi Ralph 🙂

            You are welcome. I am glad that you were able to reconnect with her. Her return must have been a pleasant surprise for you.

            Yes, it was hot. It is still hot, but the weather is more tolerable. Like the cooling breeze in your area, we have what is called a delta breeze blowing through here now, which helps to cool down the temperature a bit.

            I am grateful that some of my problems have been resolved, but I would be happier if ALL of them would go away too. 😀 I do hope things get better so that I can enjoy the rest of the summer.

            Take care of yourself too, Ralph. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 🙂


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