Movie Poster Misadventure

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This is a movie poster that I created for a film that has not been made yet. It is supposed to be a fan fiction film based on a well-known fantasy film.

I stopped working on this project because my client wanted me to copy another artist’s work and combine it with the background of my poster. I told him that making an almost identical copy of another artist’s work could be considered copyright infringement. I also told him that it might be okay to do a derivative work if you have permission of the original artist, but this is a legal gray area that I did not want to get into. I don’t like the idea of copying other people’s work in general, and I certainly don’t want to get sued for doing so.


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As the bright heat wanes
And the wind builds
Dreamy cloud kingdoms
In the late September sky
I watch
The summer daylight
Slowly engulfed
By the growing darkness
I feel
The pull of fall
And think of
What it brings –
The muted vitality
Of oaks and maples
Apple trees laden
With the last summer fruit
And the stillness
Of butterfly and dragonfly wings
As autumn frost
Upon the fading green land.




I am sorry that I have been away from my blogs for so long.  As some of you know, I take care of my elderly father who has a variety of health problems related to diabetes. I spent many days in August taking him to the hospital for both his regular doctor appointments and for some additional tests for a new health problem. I may have to disappear from my blogs again if more health problems arise.

In addition, I came across what seemed to be a promising freelance illustration gig in early September, but unfortunately things did not work out well in the end. I will talk more about it in my next post, which will be a reblog from my artwork portfolio.


fire escape in Sacramento, California

Cubicle free
In open air
My mind ascends
That patch of blue
Searching for something
Beautiful and true
A world without walls
Beyond the fear and necessity
That boxes us in
No more boundaries
Set by hate and sin
A new order
That rises
From tear-stained earthly ruins
A new meaning
That lasts
Long after
My blue reverie
Is through.


Hallerbos Forest, Belgium
Winter, Hallerbos, Belgium
By Donarreiskoffer (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
7 December 2008

Wind blowing
Through the trees
Thoughts adrift
With the breeze
In the stillness
I listen for
That lost song
You sang to me
Long ago
The one
With beauty
Unbroken by
Suffering and grief
The one
That nurtured
What little goodness
That was left in me
And made it grow
Why did I stop listening
And let you go?
In this silence
I miss you so.